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I drove from Detroit to Georgia & painted 3,252 names of those killed in Iraq (since the start of the war) on this Jeep.
No payment was involved, a volunteer painter was asked for & I wanted to do it.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to read the two articles published in Atlanta & Detroit on this project.
Oct. 2008 Update:  the Jeep has been sold to an unknown person after it was involved in a minor accident.
Jonathan & his brother, Josh.  They painted the red, white and blue tag lines located near the top, "3,627 & counting" & " Lives lost in war on terror".  The number 3,627 painted on the back of the Jeep  includes lives lost in Afghanistan, which I sadly could not include on the car due to space and time restraints.
Kim, Scott and AJ.  The Jeep is Kim's, and her husband Scott is very supportive.
Rod, without whom I could never have done this project.  He made sure I took breaks to eat and not burn out.  He cheered me on when I was too sore and tired to keep going. 
Kim has made a MySpace page for the Jeep, too,
MySpace is rife with viruses!
Even on pages of people you know, they're constantly being hacked!!
Please don't go there unless you are extremely well protected against viruses on your PC.  Mac users should have no problems!
Thanks to all who made this possible, including: Jack, Rod, Joe, Jim, Kim, Scott, Walt, Jenn, Jerry, Dr. B.G, Andrezj, Patty, Charles, Fred and others, for their generous contributions that allowed me to make the trip to Georgia.
Me, right after finishing. I worked for a total of  54 hours, (minus six hours for breaks), over a four day period.  I'm a wee bit tired...

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